Lions and Leopards and Camels, Oh My!! Trench Coat Jungle

My first attempt at sewing a jacket / coat!  Camel and Animal Print Trench Style CoatI finished my trench style coat for Jungle January in animal print!  It is based on the Christine Hayne’s pattern and the fabric talked about in this post.  Now, you all thought I was going to put the leopard/lion print on the outside and the camel on the inside, right??  Admit it.  Camel Trench Coat in Animal PrintAnd, BAM!  Leopard/Lion print on the inside!

Animal Print on Inside of Trench CoatI altered the sleeves from the pattern quite a bit and made them longer, adding a cuff with button and also added a tie belt with belt loops.

Of course, NEVER to be outdone, Kitty also got his jungle on and styled a coordinating leopard print collar.  Kitty's Leopard Print CollarBias binding was attached to the raw front edges of the coat and around the collar.  To learn more about how to attach bias binding, click here.

Pattern Layout

Pattern Layout

Bias Binding Attached to Front and Around Collar

Bias Binding Attached to Front and Around Collar

I Want to be Ensconced in Velvet

I finished a grey velvet skirt with darker grey stretch knit panels in the sides.  Not so sure if George Costanza would wear it, but I can see the joy of being ensconced in velvet, it’s soooo soft.

Velvet Skirt with Stretch Knit Side Panels and Foldover Elastic Waistband

Velvet Skirt with Stretch Knit Side Panels and Foldover Elastic Waistband

The skirt has a black fold over elastic waistband, and I placed the shiny side out, so it adds a hint of bling to the skirt.  It’s quite easy to make, A-Line with slightly rounded edges on the hemline.  The stretch panels allow you to make it more fitted to your body while still not having to insert a zipper.  Yay!

Velvet A-Line Skirt with Side Stretch Panels

Velvet A-Line Skirt with Side Stretch Panels

You draft it by using your waistband measurement, than measuring down from the centre point to the length you want, and add some width to both sides of the hem to make an A-line flare.  Cut out panels, approximately 4cm (2″) out of stretch knit fabric and sew to both back and front pieces of skirt.  Important:  before you cut out the stretch knit panels, make sure that the stretch is going horizontally across your body and not vertically, up and down your body.  After the panels were sewn to the skirt front and back, I added a decorative topstitch to both sides of the stretch panels.  Then, add the fold over elastic by stretching it in sections as you sew it on to the waistband.  For more information on how to attach fold over elastic, click here.  Hem the skirt by double folding and top stitching.  Done!  And velvety.  Mmmmmm.

Trim Hem With Curved Corners Using Fashion Designers Curve Ruler

Trim Hem With Curved Corners Using Designers Curve Ruler

Cut Skirt Out - Waistband Measurement and Added Width to the Hem for Flare

Cut Skirt Out – Waistband Measurement and Added Width to the Hem for Flare

Cut Out 2 Stretch Knit Panels

Cut Out 2 Stretch Knit Panels with Stretch Going Horizontally (i.e., across the short side)

Attach Stretch Knit Panels to Front and Back Pieces of Skirt and Sew Together

Attach Stretch Knit Panels to Front and Back Pieces of Skirt and Sew Together

Attach Foldover Elastic at Waist, Stretching as You Sew

Attach Foldover Elastic at Waist, Stretching Elastic as You Sew

Double Fold Hem Bottom of Skirt

Double Fold Skirt Hem and Topstitch (note the decorative topstitching on both sides of the stretch panel)


Kitty Picks a Winner!!!! (Eventually…)

So, the draw has taken place and Kitty has selected a winner!  Here is a rundown of how it happened:

  1. Cards were made with the names and favourite sewing/crafting magazines of all 20 participants.Entrant Cards
  2. Cards were gathered together and shuffled, supervised by Kitty.gathering the cardsShuffling the Cards
  3. Cards were randomly placed around a bench in a circle, also supervised by Kitty.laying out the cardskitty looking ridiculously cute
  4. Kitty’s job is now to leap off of the bench and land on a card, thereby selecting the winner!  Go Kitty!!!
    Kitty takes his time, thinking of the best plan of attack

    Kitty takes his time, deliberating the best plan of attack

    delicately stepping around cards

  5. Kitty leaps off the bench, delicately stepping around all cards, not so much as even brushing gently against one.  Nice footwork Kitty.  Sadly, not the point of the exercise.
  6. Excitement is palpable when Kitty looks like he is going to pick a winner!!!!excitement is palpable
  7. Nope, false alarm, Kitty is back up on the bench to peruse life from a higher vantage point.  nope, back on bench
  8. Kitty ponders where to go next.  For many, many, many minutes.  Aren’t you glad we didn’t videotape this??looking to get ready
  9. Then, like the skies opening up and letting out the glorious sunshine, Kitty prepares to leap once again!
  10. And then….BAM!!!!  Kitty goes for it!!  We are fairly confident that this WILL BE an Olympic event at the next Olympics.  You heard it here first.  BAMM kitty goes for itKitty Nails it
  11. KITTY NAILS IT!!!! He lands with a paw smack down on a card!!
  12. Kitty’s assistant turns over the winning card.Who is the Winner  Who will it be??  The anticipation is absolutely nerve wracking ……
  13. And the winner is…………………….And the winner is
  14. Congratulations Lori Harris!!!  You are the winning entrant!
  15. Kitty’s work here is done…..kitty's work here is doneNice work Kitty!Winner
    Congratulations Winner

    “Big day. Must nap now”

    Thank you to everybody who participated!  We’ve enjoyed meeting you.  There will be more giveaways in the near future, so please be sure to sign up and try your luck again!  Kitty looks forward to it.

‘Giveaway’ Participants and A Sensational Sewing Magazine List!

The Sew it All Magazine Giveaway is now closed.  There was a total of 20 entrants.  They are listed below (in no particular order) along with their favourite sewing / crafting magazine and I included a link to the magazine’s website.

Have a look and see if your favourite magazine is on the list.  If not, please add it to the comments section.  I would like an inventory of a variety of sewing and crafting magazines that perhaps some of us have never heard of, but that come highly recommended.

The results of the draw will be posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013. The draw will also be performed in a unique and, likely, highly amusing fashion, so you’ll want to check back for the pictures and play-by-play, and, of course, for the winner.  It should be fun!  I will also message the winner directly.  Thank you to everybody for participating!

Sew it All Magazine Giveaway Entrants and Magazine List:

  1. Toni (Threads)
  2. Alice Goins (Sew it All)
  3. ThingsForBoys (Burdastyle)
  4. Sew Exhausted (Burdastyle; The Quilter Magazine)
  5. Belinda (has not read one yet)
  6. Debbie Lauzon (Sew it All)
  7. Linda S (Just Cross Stitch)
  8. Pillows A-La-Mode (Quick Stuff to Sew)
  9. Laura (Vogue Knitting)
  10. Lori Harris (Sew Beautiful)
  11. Cheryl (Quilting Arts; Cloth Paper Scissors)
  12. Johanna (Allt om Handarbete somnad – Swedish; Burdastyle; Ottobre – Swedish)
  13. Inna (Threads; Ottobre for Kids – European)
  14. Carmencitabs (Marie Claire Idées- French)
  15. Fiona (Sew Magazine – UK; Threads; Homemaker – UK)
  16. Judith (Australian Stitches; Threads; Burdastyle)
  17. Chadha (Vogue Magazine; Sewing Today’s Vogue Patterns; Cloth Paper Scissors; Tilda – Norway; Melly and Me – New Zealand)
  18. VivJm (Quilting Arts; Quiltmania)
  19. Lisa A (Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting; The Quilter Magazine)
  20. Helena (Burdastyle)

Good Luck to Everybody!!

Gjeometry’s Picks:  Sew News; Stitch Craft Create; Sew Stylish; Stitch; Where Women Create

Readers’ Picks:  Knitscene; Love of Knitting


It’s a Bouncing Baby Blog Award. Wait…It’s Triplets!

I am so honoured and humbled to be nominated for three (3) awards by the lovely and talented Ginger (Sonja) over at GingerMakes, who always responds to my comments and whose posts are delightful.  Many sincere thanks for making me feel welcome into the world of blogging!

The awards are:

Very Inspiring Blogger Award, One Lovely Blog Award, and the Premio Award

For the Very Inspiring Blogger award and One Lovely Blog award, the official rules are:  1) Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you.  2) Share seven things about yourself.  3) Nominate ten other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.  The Premio award recognizes people who comment on other blogs.  You nominate the nine bloggers who last commented on yours.

Seven Fascinating Facts About Myself:

  1. My name is Catja (pleased to meet you).
  2. I have a mischievous but ridiculously adorable cat named Leilande (he is also pleased to meet you….as he bats something off your table and it breaks).
  3. I named my blog Gjeometry because I am a bit of a nerd and love the math, geometry and science involved in fabric, sewing and pattern drafting.
  4. I have a 3 year old nephew, Wyatt, who is not a fan of sitting still (most pictures taken of him are blurry).
  5. I am new to both sewing and blogging and am deliciously obsessed with both.  I’m also a fabriholic, but am attending meetings for it.
  6. I have an environmental sciences background and love nature, gardening and animals.
  7. I sometimes run with scissors.

Since I am so new to the blogging community, I am going to combine all the rules and nominate ten bloggers that have commented on my blog and/or whose blogs I find inspiring, entertaining and informative as well as some brand new blogs I look forward to following.  I have very much enjoyed reading and sharing with all the bloggers I have found, so far, and the many more to come.

I know that some of you have already received these awards from others and have gone through the process so please don’t feel any pressure from me to re-do all your hard work.  It’s just my way of saying I appreciate your blogging efforts and I’m glad to have found you. :)

Looking forward to more blogging, sewing and sharing in 2013!friendship

I’ve Hunted Down the Fabric for Jungle January!!

Hello fellow animal print lovers, I have finally found the fabric and the item I am going to make for Jungle January.

Both Sides of Animal Print

Both Sides of Animal Print Fabric

The fabric is a mix of leopard and lion on one side and camel on the other side.  So, we have the jungle and the desert coming together nicely.  It’s called Kashmir (and is synthetic) but has a nice soft feel to it and is fairly thick.  This is the what I’m going to make.  It is a trench style coat from the book Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes.

Trench Style Coat

Trench Style Coat

I am going to alter it, however, and make the sleeves long and not 3/4 length and I’m going to add a cuff.  I will also make a coordinating tie belt and add belt loops.  I’m excited to get started!

Pattern, Fabric and Notions

Pattern, Fabric and Notions

GIVEAWAY….Giveaway…..giveaway….(enter now)

Hello fellow sewists, DIYers, fashionistas and crafters.  I’d like to keep the gift giving going well into January and share some sewing knowledge with all of you through a copy of Sew it All Magazine.

I have the latest issue of Sew it All, Volume 5 to give away this month.  So, if you don’t yet have a copy, Enter Now to Win!!!

Volume 5, January 2013

Sew It All Volume 5, January 2013

I received two copies for Christmas and couldn’t think of anybody with who I’d rather share the double copy.  Just leave a comment below telling us “what is your favourite Sewing or Crafting magazine?”  Good Luck to All!  Entries close Sunday January 13th, 2013 so get your comments in before Monday January 14th.

I will draw and post the lucky winner here on my blog as well as message the winner (either through their blog or via email, so be sure that I am able to get in touch with you).

Don’t forget to “like” Gjeometry’s page on Facebook and follow the blog to keep updated!