You are Cordially Invited to a Festivus Celebration! Dress: Proper Bow-Tie

Leilande and Santa 2014

Is it me or does Santa look a tad tense while Kitty looks like he’s surveying his kingdom?


Kitty took his annual trek to visit Santa.  SANTA!!! And, I sewed him a Christmas themed bow-tie just for the occasion.

Kitty and Bowtie

Gingerbread Button!! Ahhhhhhh!!! 🙂

Now, I know what you are thinking, “I want a bow-tie for the holidays!!”  Bow-ties originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century, who used fabric pieces to tie the tops of their uniforms closed,  and they have come into and out of fashion since then.  They have definitely gained momentum in the last decade, and are not just for distinguished Kitties either.  Kids, women, hipsters, nerds and grampas alike are ALL sporting this formally formal attire.

Well, you are in luck.  Below are some patterns and instructions on how to sew your own bow-tie. (just click on the pics.)

This one’s from Martha.  Can Martha do EVERYTHING?  It includes pattern, instructions and a handy how-to video.

The next instructional gem is brought to you by Tie a Tie.  An entire website dedicated to ties of all sorts!  Yes, please.

The last pattern comes from the purveyor of the most fabulous fabrics…Liberty!  How perfect is this animal themed fabric for a bow-tie?

Not a traditionalist and want a unique shape to your bow-tie?  Ponoko has 7 different bow-tie templates for you to choose from.

And, now that you’ve sewn it (the easy part), how do you tie it?? (the hard part)  Well, if at some point during the tying process, you wish that you could just go to the party in your underwear, I’ve got you covered.  Here’s how to tie your masterpiece!


And, if these instructions still leave you wanting to tie your bow-tie around a brick and throw it in the ocean, there is hope for you too!  Here are instructions for a No Tie Bow-Tie from Instructables.  So easy to assemble and as long as nobody gets too close, no one knows but you (and the cat.  But the cat knows everything.  Always.  So, you can’t win.)

Till Next Year!  I hope everybody enjoys a peaceful and loving holiday season.

Kitty’s Log: Stardate 12252013, The Quest For Power

Stardate 12252013: Things have taken a turn for the worse here on Day Three of the Power Outage / Blackout. The temperature outside has dropped to minus sixteen degrees Celsius (-16C / 3 degrees Fahrenheit) and inside the Enterprise, it is now 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). I can see my breath when I exhale and there is no hot water.

Pig in a Blanket.  Hold the pig, add a Kitty.

Pig in a Blanket. Hold the pig, add one Kitty.

I am up to wearing two sweaters (jumpers) and am now too ‘girthy’ to fit through the kitty door.  My frozen raw food meal has been served to me….still frozen.Bundling UpWe suspect that we will either starve or freeze to death.  An emergency Away Team has been mobilized.

Scotty Cat

Scotty Cat

Three of us make up the Away Team (including myself) and we will head out on the next shuttle in search of heat and food. Two of us will stay on board the Enterprise, attempting repairs. We expect the worst but hope for the best.

We bit adieu to the Home Team (with an unspoken belief that they will perish) and begin our journey.

After some searching, we locate a cooperative race with power/electricity in an adjacent galaxy. The natives are friendly and welcome us inside.  Some resistance is met by the residing Grey Queen, but we put aside our conflicts for the sake of the mission.

The Grey Queen

The Grey Queen

The locals posses a tree equipped with dangly items hung all over to play with, and they provide us with fresh catnip!!!!  Joy. 🙂 We are offered hot food and a place to sleep.

It's a Catnip Christmas, Charlie Brown.

It’s a Catnip Christmas, Charlie Brown.

Stardate 12262013: We venture out with the natives to explore this new galaxy. We encounter strange yet friendly races and interesting scenery. I  document our travels.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Nice Boy and Squirrel

Fine Young Lad with Squirrel

Friendly Locals

Friendly Locals

Stardate 12262013PM: We are contacted by the Enterprise. Repairs have been successful and power has been restored!!!!!!!!!!! We will head back tomorrow at 0900 hours.

Stardate 12272013: Our journey back to the Enterprise is not without obstacles.  Our shuttle sustains damages and we must wait for roadside assistance to arrive with aid.  I remain in the tiny box within the shuttle. I am not a fan of the tiny box, but as lead of the Away Team, I stay stoic.

Flat Tire and Kitty in a Box

Flat Tire and Kitty in a Box

I am unsure at this time, who or what is trying to thwart our success, but suspect it may be the Borg.  Rest assured, we will not be assimilated and we will persevere!

Repairs are made to the shuttle and we continue our journey. FINALLY, we arrive at the Enterprise, equipped with heat, power, hot water and internet. We rejoice as we are reunited with the courageous Home Team, shaken, but okay.

Sadly, casualties were incurred.  Several houseplants could not withstand the temperatures and did not make it. We honour their bravery and reflect on the oxygen and beauty they provided us. (Then, I eated some of their leaves, ooopsie! 🙂 )  Mission Successful!  Kitty out.



Deer and Doe Belladone

Deer and Doe Belladone

(Thanks Kitty.  In other news, I can now sew!!  And, will be able to finish my Belladone (I’ll blog it next week) for Sunday when we will celebrate Christmas at our house.  So, if you are in the area, drop by for some tofurkey, wine, gifts and good conversation.  Thanks everyone for your concern, help and well wishes and I hope you all had a terrific Christmas and Boxing Day!)

Wishing You Peace on Earth, Power, Heat and a Warm Toilet Seat

Kitty Visits Santa 2013

Yes, because over here, an ice storm has caused a power outage and we are without power, heat and internet. My cellphone does not even work. It is day 2 of dropping temps indoors and Kitty is wearing his sweater (jumper) full-time in the house, which is down to a brisk 11 degrees Celsius (51 degrees Fahrenheit). And still shivering. Brrrrr. But, it’s still warmer than outdoors….so far. Tree limbs are down everywhere, streets are closed, it’s pretty crazy! I am currently at the public library (yay for libraries!!) using their internet, power and heat. Ahhh, heat. And, the best part? I have the flu!!! Seriously.

I had almost completed my Christmas dress, the Deer and Doe Belladone in silver and gold dupioni silk, before the power went out. All that is left, is to insert the invisible zip and add the hem facings. So close!! I hope power is restored soon. Word is that it may take over a week!

Well, it’s certainly a good time of year to reflect on your life, give thanks for all you have and to consider donating to those that may not have as much.

I want to wish everyone peace, love, a purring kitty and, most importantly… (and something you don’t actually realize you really miss until it’s gone)… a warm toilet seat. 🙂

Happy Holidays my friends.