Easy A-Line Skirt

A Line SkirtI completed this A-Line skirt in the same way as the two rectangle skirt, only instead of rectangles, these quadrilateral shapes are actually isosceles trapezoids (to be precise).  Yes, that’s the math/science nerd in me leaking out.  It’s really one of the reasons why I love sewing and pattern making.  The geometry involved delights me to no end.  🙂

But, now that you’ve finished rolling your eyes and being embarrassed for me, here is some information about the A-Line skirt.

A Line Skirt 2

I used fabric with a one way pattern on it, so I actually had to cut it across the grain instead of with the length grain (following along the selvage) so that the pattern would go vertically up and down the skirt.  I’m not sure how much this affects the integrity of the skirt, but how else do you use these directional prints?  If you cut along the length of the grain, the pattern would be lost.

A Line Skirt Flare

A Line Skirt Flare

With respect to the A-Line, you can add as much flare at the bottom as you wish.  Basically, after you’ve made a rectangle, add another two triangles on either side of it to create a wider, flared bottom.

I also added a belt in the same fabric to disguise the elastic waistband casing.  To learn more about how to sew a fabric belt with buckle, click here.  I sewed on belt loops, also in the same fabric to hold the belt in the right place.

Fabric Belt and Belt Loops

Fabric Belt and Belt Loops

And, I bought a self cover belt buckle, where you cover the buckle with fabric of your choice.  I think it’s a good investment (and very inexpensive) as it really ties the belt in with the skirt.  With such a busy pattern, I didn’t really want the belt and buckle to stand out more than the skirt.

11 thoughts on “Easy A-Line Skirt

    • Gjeometry says:

      Hi Kim, Thanks so much! I’m definitely not going to take a trip down the catwalk anytime soon, but I do enjoy having my own style. The skirt is quite a beginner method, but I enjoyed making it as well as trying to “vogue” it up with the belt and belt loops 🙂

    • Gjeometry says:

      Thank you! I was not thrilled with how the bottom sides were sort of sticking out, so since taking these pics, I’ve actually washed the skirt in hot water and put it in a hot dryer. Now, it’s a lot softer and has shrunk a wee bit, so fits so much better! And it’s so clean! Lol.

      That doggie is actually my parent’s dog, Sandie. I was visiting for the holidays. He’s SUCH a lab, only interested in food, food, food. 🙂

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