Wearable Wednesday…..Gucci

I’m reblogging this, not only because it’s Gucci (duh), but because of the quote I added at the end. 🙂

Pretty Grievances

Am I allowed to critique Gucci? Do we dare? gu1Ding, ding! gu2Grr, grr! gu3Yes, I like these, yes, I do. gu4This belt is a little Department store Santa for me, but, ok…gu5Oh, flipper skirt! gu6If it’s cold enough for a blanket….gu7Oh, I like this pleaty action-gu8Favorite! Even if it doesn’t have leopard gloves….gu9I love this lace neckline-gu10I’m sold- how about you?

photo credits: style.com

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