Wishing You Peace on Earth, Power, Heat and a Warm Toilet Seat

Kitty Visits Santa 2013

Yes, because over here, an ice storm has caused a power outage and we are without power, heat and internet. My cellphone does not even work. It is day 2 of dropping temps indoors and Kitty is wearing his sweater (jumper) full-time in the house, which is down to a brisk 11 degrees Celsius (51 degrees Fahrenheit). And still shivering. Brrrrr. But, it’s still warmer than outdoors….so far. Tree limbs are down everywhere, streets are closed, it’s pretty crazy! I am currently at the public library (yay for libraries!!) using their internet, power and heat. Ahhh, heat. And, the best part? I have the flu!!! Seriously.

I had almost completed my Christmas dress, the Deer and Doe Belladone in silver and gold dupioni silk, before the power went out. All that is left, is to insert the invisible zip and add the hem facings. So close!! I hope power is restored soon. Word is that it may take over a week!

Well, it’s certainly a good time of year to reflect on your life, give thanks for all you have and to consider donating to those that may not have as much.

I want to wish everyone peace, love, a purring kitty and, most importantly… (and something you don’t actually realize you really miss until it’s gone)… a warm toilet seat. 🙂

Happy Holidays my friends.