Bocce Ball: Kitty Selects a Winner for Pattern Pyramid!

Yes, Bocce Ball!  A fun, jam packed exciting lawn bowling game made popular in ancient times during the Roman Empire.  Summer is the perfect time for a rousing match, so Kitty decided to select the Winning Pattern Pyramid Entrant through a game of Bocce Ball!

And, since we have no idea how to play Bocce Ball, we made up our own rules!  Best kind of game ever.

Prepping the Bocce Balls with Entrant Numbers 1 to 28

28 entrants – 28 Bocce balls

We had a total of 28 entrants, so numbers 1 to 28 were stuck onto 28 Bocce Balls.  A Winner’s Circle was set up along with a panel of Judges, to rule on any discrepancies in throws.

Winner's Circle and Panel of Judges

Winner’s Circle and Panel of Judges


GAME ON!!!!!

GAME ON!!!!!

Bocce Balls began whirling and rolling in seemingly random directions.  That’s mostly because we cannot throw.

Go For It Kitty!

Go For It Kitty!

Where Did It Land

This way. Throw them THIS way.

Kitty takes full charge of the game, never letting any Bocce ball go by, without giving it his stamp of approval and padding after it, (in popular Canadian Curling style) to maneuver it toward the Winner’s Circle.

Bocce Ball Inspection

Each Bocce Ball Must Be Thoroughly Inspected by Kitty

Kitty inspects each throw, psychically willing every Bocce Ball to land within the Winners Circle.

Kitty impatiently awaits the release of yet another Bocce Ball.

Throw Another One!

Throw Another One! THROW IT!!

Kitty is quick to point out that VERY few Bocce Balls are actually entering the Winner’s Circle.  Which is quite sad, since we did, indeed, make up our own rules, you’d think we’d be able to get at least one into the Winner’s Circle.

Did Not Make the Winners Circle Throw Again

Wow! 0 for 0. You are terrible at this game!

Kitty takes pity on the ball players and opts to offer up some strategic advice for throwing the Bocce balls.

"Throw it a little more to the right.  The right!!  Not YOUR right, MY right!  That way!"

“Throw it a little more to the right. The right!! Not YOUR right, MY right! That way!”

Oh my goodness!!!  Upon Kitty’s sage advice, the game begins to pick up!  Miracle upon miracles!! One Bocce Ball finally enters into the Winner’s Circle!!!  Immediately after, a second ball quickly follows suit.

So Far Two Made it Into the Winners Circle

Two Bocce Balls in the Winner’s Circle!!

The excitement is palpable, Kitty is duly impressed! And, it’s hard to impress Kitty.

Wonder Twin Bocce Ball Powers ACTIVATE

“Excellent Job!” says Kitty. “High Five – Paw.”

Wait!! What’s this??  A third Bocce ball enters the coveted Winner’s Circle.  The judges are bowled over!  (Literally. I had to set them back upright a few times….)

Three Bocce Balls Make It Into the Winners Circle

Three Bocce Balls Enter the Winner’s Circle. Kitty and the Judges are overwhelmed.

Ah, but now, which of the three is the winning Bocce ball?  Lucky for us, Kitty is able utilize his astonishing powers of intuition to sniff out the winner!

Which One Do I Like

Kitty circles, attempting to intuit the winning Bocce ball.

He circles and circles, he is practically vibrating, his spidey senses are tingling.  He peruses and paces….Honing in, getting closer…..

Yes I Feel as if This One is the Winner

“Yes, I’m sensing THIS is the winning Bocce ball.”

And, amazingly, he does it!!Kitty Randomly Selects Bocce Ball 10 from the Winners Circle

IMG_3754YES!!!!!!!!!  Winner Selected!!!!!!!!!!  Bocce Ball Number 10.  And, from the list of entrants, number 10 corresponds to………….(drum rolll)………………….:

"Here.  This is the Winner.  See it?  See it?  Look Closer!  It's the 10."

“Here. This is the Winner. See it? See it? Look! Look Closer! It’s the 10.”

List of Entrants

Fiona Parker from Diary of a Chain Stitcher.

Congratulations Fiona!  Kitty and I are very happy for you!!

Please email me with your specs so that I may get the Pattern Pyramid to you!

"My Work Here is Done"

“My Work Here is Done”


58 thoughts on “Bocce Ball: Kitty Selects a Winner for Pattern Pyramid!

  1. vivjm says:

    The entertainment value of your “pick a winner” posts softens the disappointment of not winning ;-). Go Kitty!!! And congrats, Fiona.

    • Gjeometry says:

      🙂 Kitty certainly enjoys the winning entrant selection process, for sure.

      We are So Honoured to have been bestowed this award, thank you very much Angela! (I say ‘we’ because, obviously, Kitty takes half credit). I had not heard of this particular award before and look forward to dropping by and reading more about it. Thanks again for stopping by the blog and for thinking of us.

      • *Wisher* says:

        heehee..No problems.. I love following yours too.. do nominate 10 of your “on-line family” members.. and please say hi to kitty for me.. 😀
        great weekend ahead.,

  2. marie says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the pictures & kitty’s comments. What a great job & looks like a lot of fun.I’m sure Fiona will be thrilled to win in such a special way.

    • Gjeometry says:

      Hee hee! So, Kitty says to tell you chances are pretty much 100% that you will receive an autographed photo (he’ll take any opportunity he can get to spread himself around). But, he does request that you do not implode. That could get messy…

  3. Fiona says:

    O my goodness! How exciting! I always love the way you pick the winners! I was so completely engrossed in the story of Kitty and the Bocce balls it took me a second to realise that was my name!
    Thank you so much (to both you and Kitty of course!). Email coming your way now.
    I’m feeling slight pressure to come up with some way to equal the awesomeness of this post when picking my winner now…!

    • Gjeometry says:

      Lol, that actually made me laugh out loud :). I can picture you reading it, and several moments later, it registers that it’s actually you! You are most welcome and thank you so much for popping by the blog and participating in this Pattern Pyramid. I think you will definitely find some winners in there, and can’t wait to see what pattern you select from it!

      (Kitty says, no pressure, since there is no way you can come up with anything that equals his awesomeness. He has a ridiculously inflated ego…)

    • Gjeometry says:

      SUPER……SEWING……KITTY! And, now, also super Made Up Rules Bocce Ball Playing Hero! You should totally come by for a visit and we can play Made up Rules Bocce Ball with Zoe and Kitty. It was actually quite a bit of fun! Kitty thanks Zoe for the applaws! (Get it???) 🙂

  4. prttynpnk says:

    So….much….DRAMA! I was edge of my seat the entire time- my heart raced- Bruderlein was entranced from his cyber-pup post on the computer desk (don’t tell Daddy) he had never seen a cat use its powers for the good of mankind!

    • Gjeometry says:

      Oooh, so delighted to have entertained you both! And, you can tell Burderlein that although Kitty is more than delighted to use his powers for good instead of evil, he also does so with a very sarcastic, bossy and indignant leaning.

  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    OMG, I’m laughing like a mad man. You just crack me up with the play by play and your photo’s with kitty are a perfect accompaniment to all the hilarity. “the right, not your right, my right”….way to coach a winner Kitty, LOL. I especially love the stoic Judges too :D. and your perfect ending with just Kitty’s tail in the photo. Thanks for making it so much fun to visit Gj! Loved it all. Congrats to Fiona.

    • Gjeometry says:

      Yay, so delighted that you were entertained! We had a lot of fun playing made up rules Bocce Ball. Think it may become a regular past-time around here.

  6. TheCuriousKiwi says:

    Ahh that was great, high five-paw! 🙂 Kitty always does an excellent job of picking the winners and it’s nice to see some outside sunshine pictures while it’s raining here.

    • Gjeometry says:

      Kitty High Five-Paws you back! And, I have to say, we were lucky that the sun shone for that amount of time. We have also had SO much rain and clouds and grey here. When that great ball of fire in the sky decides, on rare occasions, to show itself, we drop EVERYTHING and run outside.

      • larart29 says:

        Yay!! Haha. We have had just the opposite but I find Summer storms gorgeous! If you get any in your area go ahead and send them my way. ;P Haha.

        P.S. WordPress subscription feed still isn’t loading about half of the blogs I’m following. I’m still waiting on a reply from Tech!

        • Gjeometry says:

          Well, apparently the rain gods heard your praise of summer storms because it is raining here AGAIN. All day. I wonder why WP is not responding. Have you tried tweeting them? They have a twitter account, as well.

          • larart29 says:

            I’m sorry bout the storms! I didn’t send a letter over to the Rain Gods, promise! But please do ignore the old rain stick in the corner. Haha.

            I am not sure as to why with WP, myself. I have tried contacting them previously about other issues on the forum you get redirected to (the site was glitching on their mobile version and you could not log in for anything and I only had my phone at the time) and they never responded then, either.
            If I cannot seem to fix it myself within the next two days, I’ll definitely try their Twitter. Thank you for that! I never seem to think of these kind of things. >.<

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