Kitty Picks a Winner!!!! (Eventually…)

So, the draw has taken place and Kitty has selected a winner!  Here is a rundown of how it happened:

  1. Cards were made with the names and favourite sewing/crafting magazines of all 20 participants.Entrant Cards
  2. Cards were gathered together and shuffled, supervised by Kitty.gathering the cardsShuffling the Cards
  3. Cards were randomly placed around a bench in a circle, also supervised by Kitty.laying out the cardskitty looking ridiculously cute
  4. Kitty’s job is now to leap off of the bench and land on a card, thereby selecting the winner!  Go Kitty!!!
    Kitty takes his time, thinking of the best plan of attack

    Kitty takes his time, deliberating the best plan of attack

    delicately stepping around cards

  5. Kitty leaps off the bench, delicately stepping around all cards, not so much as even brushing gently against one.  Nice footwork Kitty.  Sadly, not the point of the exercise.
  6. Excitement is palpable when Kitty looks like he is going to pick a winner!!!!excitement is palpable
  7. Nope, false alarm, Kitty is back up on the bench to peruse life from a higher vantage point.  nope, back on bench
  8. Kitty ponders where to go next.  For many, many, many minutes.  Aren’t you glad we didn’t videotape this??looking to get ready
  9. Then, like the skies opening up and letting out the glorious sunshine, Kitty prepares to leap once again!
  10. And then….BAM!!!!  Kitty goes for it!!  We are fairly confident that this WILL BE an Olympic event at the next Olympics.  You heard it here first.  BAMM kitty goes for itKitty Nails it
  11. KITTY NAILS IT!!!! He lands with a paw smack down on a card!!
  12. Kitty’s assistant turns over the winning card.Who is the Winner  Who will it be??  The anticipation is absolutely nerve wracking ……
  13. And the winner is…………………….And the winner is
  14. Congratulations Lori Harris!!!  You are the winning entrant!
  15. Kitty’s work here is done…..kitty's work here is doneNice work Kitty!Winner
    Congratulations Winner

    “Big day. Must nap now”

    Thank you to everybody who participated!  We’ve enjoyed meeting you.  There will be more giveaways in the near future, so please be sure to sign up and try your luck again!  Kitty looks forward to it.

21 thoughts on “Kitty Picks a Winner!!!! (Eventually…)

  1. Lori Harris says:

    Wow!!! I never win anything… Thank you so much 🙂 And thank you sewexhausted for the congrats too!!! The suspense was also killing me. I have a kitty that I will have to do that with when I do a giveaway. I wonder if she will cooperate,,, hmmm… Again, than you so very much. I love how you had your kitty help you. I bet you had to be very very very patient while she decided what he wanted to do.

  2. Jeff says:

    Kitty enjoys pouncing on things. This is like a dream job for him. Now for the next draw, if you could figure out how to make the cards move…

    • Gjeometry says:

      Yes, Kitty is a Master Pouncer. He’s also light on his paws. And, if we make the cards move next time, it would incite him to pounce faster, thus cutting down the looooong draw time. However, this would also cut down on the nail biting suspense! 🙂

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Brilliant execution Kitty. I’m certainly glad you took your time, that made the photo’s and commentary more fun. You’re a riot Catja, you’re so darn creative. Hey, liking the Peace sign Fuchsia T too. I’m totally Pinning the last photo, too cute.

    • Gjeometry says:

      Heh heh, thanks Kelly! This post still makes me laugh! Kitty was so delicately stepping around those cards, honestly it’s a good thing I didn’t videotape it because the tape would have run for 2 hours!! For all the things he’s knocked over and broken, he certainly had his royal daintiness on for this draw selection! I really think I may frame that last photo, his expression!!

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